Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY beads using salt for 3D cavior nail art

 Today I'm going to show you to make 3D cavior nail  using salt and nail polish. It's very easy and you don't need any tool for this. All you need is:
1. Salt
2. Nail polish
3. Glitter nail polish for shiny beads
3. hair bun pin OR Toothpick [I've used hair bun pin]
4. top coat nail polish
5. nail polish remover [It's used to clean access nail polish from palm during making beads]
6. cotton.


Step 1: Take some drops of nail polish.
Step 2: Pour some salt.
Step 3: Mix them using hair bun pin or toothpick.
Step 4: Leave the mixture for 10-15 mins to get set.
Step 5: Take small amount of mixture on palm using hair bun pin or toothpick and make small bead.
Step 6: Leave it 2-3 hours to let them dry and hard.
Step 7: Make your 3D cavior nail art using these salt beads.

You can also watch step by step tutorial video here: