Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Top 4 Beauty Hacks | Tips for tight budget pocket

If you are on a tight budget for beauty products and electronics items..try these tips..!!

Gel a gel liner from an eye pencil

You can use your normal eye pencil as a gel liner. For this all you have to do is to keep your eye pencil near the flame for about 30 seconds and then let it cool for 15 mins. Now its ready to give you a thick and intense eye line like a gel liner.

Drying your nail polish faster

Whenever you apply nail polish,take a bowl filled with cold water and put your hands in it after application. It boosts up the drying process.

Keeping your bobby pins where you want

Do your bobby pins slide out of your hair....very often??. So before putting them in your hair, keep them on a tissue paper and spray some hair spray. Now they are ready to be put in hair for longer time.

Curling to last longer

If you are curling your hairs using  iron, roll up your hairs and pin up them until they cool down,curls will last longer. In the same way, when you are straightening your hair, put a cardboard near your hair roots and pin it with hairs using bobby pins and keep it until hairs cool down. Now wind and sweat will not affect your curled or straightened hairs.