Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nail trends in India summer 2014

Your nails are as important as your dress. You can add to your personality with  beautiful nails. Girls paint beautiful nail art designs these days. But if you are not into nail art  then try some paints which themselves look trendy. So it's not a bad idea to give this article a look. Here I'll tell you latest trends in nail paints for this summer 2014.

1. Glittery Nails :
Glittery nails are also in this list. It gives 3D effect on your tips and add an attitude to your style. You can go with glitter nail polishes or you can choose any ordinary nail paint with any colour and then apply glitter top coat, you are ready for a party.

2. White Nails : 
Pure white or matte finished white is hot this summer. The best thing with Pure white and matte finished white is that both goes very well with Indian traditional dresses as well as Western dresses. French manicure with white tip looks fashionable since couple of years as it is now. But pure white nail paint is now in trend in India.  To add some attitude with plain white you can use glitter top coat or you can have glitter French manicure with white base.

If you want to know how to get matte effect with your regular nail polishesclick here.

3. Metallic Nails :
If white looks boring to you and shimmer is not your style then metallic is perfect for you. It looks cool with a an unbelievable shine. You can go with any colour. Pick any colour of your choice and get metallic shade of that colour. These shades looks beautiful with fresh manicured hands and toes. Personally I like golden and silver metallic shades the most. I didn't find high availability of metallic shades in India. But still some shops have limited stock. In this case I always prefer online shopping.

So pick any of these options and you are ready for this summer with a style, attitude and trendy nails.