Tuesday, 30 September 2014

6 Essential Natural Skin Care Tips for Monsoon

Do you love Monsoon?  I do a lot. Cool breeze, water droplets, fresh air ..all these things fill my heart with love.

But Monsoon carry a bundle of skin problems with it. Humidity, sweat and sudden temperature changes have adverse effect on our skin. Because of these sudden changes skin may be dull and dry at a time and sometime it becomes oily and we get confused which type of skin products to use. It happens to everyone . If you see these changes on your skin, don't  panic. You can prevent them. Our skin just demands special care during this season.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rhinestone Spider Nail Art Design #Halloween Nail Art

Hi Beauties !!
How are you doing ?

Halloween Day is coming and Halloween series are everywhere on youtube, Halloween room decore, Halloween costumes etc etc. So here I bring a series for Halloween nail art designs for you.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Easy Floral Nail Art Design

Hi Besties !!!

How are you doing? Obsessed with flowers ??
I'm very much.. So This time I bring a floral Nail art tutorial for you all lovelies. This is so colorful as well as so easy. Floral nails are my personal favourite. This looks so gorgeous and cute. This video will guide you step by step how you can make this  floral nail art design at home. I hope you guys will enjoy this.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Must have Bed Time Skin Care Routine # Natural Beauty Tips

Hi Everyone !!

After a long tiring day at office or at home, with the onset of stars, we just want to go to bed as quickly as we can. But because of tiredness and laziness(like me!!) we skip skin care routine and this is the biggest mistake that women do. Sometime women think that they are using high quality skin products so skipping skin  care at night would not make any difference. But we all should remember that night skin care is as  or rather more important than that in the morning. Our skin breath, relax and rejuvenate when we sleep. 

Our skin cells gets damaged after coming in contact with dust, pollution, sun light and other harmful environmental elements. This makes the skin look dull and pre-mature ageing effect starts robbing us of our youthfulness. A good night care routine prevents our skin from all these damages.

There are some skin care tips that will help you to choose your best night care routine.

1.  Clean your face and Remove Make-up (If applied) :

If you apply make up then don't forget to remove it. You can use make-up remover lotion. There are so many good make-up remover lotions available in Indian market.
You can also use Coconut Oil Or Baby Oil containing Vitamin-E. Even in winters, Cold Cream can also be used for make-up removal.
Use cotton to clean your skin. Use it very gently. Don't rub it harshly. It could damage your skin.