Friday, 17 October 2014

Top 6 reasons why to apply Base Coat

Nail polish and Nail art is always a fun for me. I'm weirdly obsessed with Nail art. I change my manicure in every 3-4 days. But one thing that I never forget is to apply base coat.
This thick and transparent nail polish is an important step in manicure.

Base coat ? Waste of time? Waste of money?
Do you also think so?
If yes then you are wrong. I'll tell you top reasons why it is so important and Spending money in this is really worth.

1.   It protects our nails from the damaging effect of nail polish like breakage, peeling, splitting etc.

2.  Base coat offers Vitamin E, calcium, protein  etc . You may choose any one according to your requirement. For example if your nails break easily then Calcium base coat will give strength to your nails.
In fact I use Calcium Boost Base coat.

3.   It prevents from nail polish stains. Many bright nail colors like yellow, neon green and some dark colors like black leave stains on nails and discolour them. Base coat protects our nails with these stains by making a shield or barrier between nail and polish.

4.  Many nail polishes make our nails dry. Base coat moisturise them in order to make them healthier.

5.  Base coat actually fills the ridges in the nails and gives a smooth surface to work on. So your manicured nails get a smooth texture.

6.   It helps nail polish to stick on your nails more easily and makes your manicure last longer .

So don't forget to apply base coat next time.

Bbye !!
Happy Nail Art!!