Friday, 28 November 2014

3 Nail Shapes Trend for Winter 2014

Hey everyone !!

Bored with your regular nail shape??

Lets try these trendy nail shapes this winter.

Getting a different nail shapes is not a tough job. You don't need to go to salon every time you want a new nail shape. You may get a new shape at home using basic manicure tools. You just need a nail cutter and nail filer, that's it. So, here I'm sharing some trendy nail shapes that you may try this winter.

1. Long and Square Nails :

If you like long nails,  you may keep them in square shape this winter. You make them exact square or squarely rounded shape. Square shape has harsh corners and squarely rounded shape has a bit rounded and smooth corners. I prefer to have squarely rounded shapes as square nails hurt me sometime hehe.

2. Small and Diamond Nails :

If you keep your nails short then you must try almond shape this winter. In this shape nails are pointed  like a cone. There are so many Hollywood celebrities, fashion bloggers, models who prefer this shape these days. They share their photos with this nail look on their Insta.

3. Long and Stiletto Nails :

You may have the same diamond shape with long nails. They look fab with plain white, black or any nude shade of nail polish. I personally like this shape so much as Nail art designs look awesome on these nails. I had the same nail shape last month and that was Halloween month.

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♥♥♥  Enjoy new shapes
♥♥♥  Happy Nail Art