Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tutorial : Candy Rolls Christmas Tree Nail Art Design

Hey dolls !!
This is my another Christmas Nail Art. I have used some different nail polish colors because I've got bored with basic white, red and green. I hope you like this.
I've made Christmas rolls, stars and Christmas tree. I've painted loops for Christmas rolls. I also added some golden polka dots for festive look. It's so easy to paint and If you go white and red instead of yellow and pink, you will get perfect traditional Christmasy Nail look.
I have made one golden polka dot on the remaining nails to keep them simple. You may also place a stud or rhinestone. Let me know how do you find this by commenting below.

Happy Holidays !!
Enjoy Nail Art !!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Tutorial : Snowy Christmas Nail art Design | Easy Nail art for Christmas

Hey dolls !!
This is my first Christmas nail art design. Yes I have uploaded this video two weeks back but due to some other commitments I couldn't update my blog. But now I'm back here after two weeks long gap.
I painted a Snowy Christmas Nail art in which I used navy blue and white and added stars, snowflakes and some polka dots. I made french tips on middle, ring and thumb using Nail polish remover.

I hope you also enjoy making this design like me :D

Happy Holidays !!!