Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tutorial Time : Icy Icy Cold Nails | Easy French Manicure Nail Art design

The best thing that happened to me last year is that I was inspired to share my Nail Art love with the world and that's the point I started my Blog and a YouTube channel. It's been a few months I have been working online and I'm so happy with this. It's a new journey for me. It's giving me a new energy, new goals and a new angle to view my life. As a new year begins, I took a resolution and I'm happy to share this with you all that I'll start uploading Nail Art tutorials twice a week on my YouTube channel and blog as well. I'm very excited for this.

For today's tutorial lets go with nature. It's freaking chilling out here. So what's better than ICY COLD NAILS ART DESIGN. In this DIY tutorial I'm painting Snow Rocks as a french manicure. I hope you like this.

Enjoy !!
Happy Nail Art !!