Sunday, 20 September 2015

Water Marble French Manicure Nail Art Design

Hey beautiful ladies !!

I'm very happy to share this water marble french manicure design with you all. I love this design and I'm sure you are gonna love it too when you'll have this on your nails. This is very simple design yet beautiful. Beauty of this design is its color combination and how these colors mix all together. You may use any color combination.  I have used glitter particles and a rhinestone to enhance its beauty.

I don't upload many water marble designs  but this is so beautiful that I can't resist myself sharing. I feel that french manicure or Nail tip designs are very attractive and elegant. 

I know you are gonna love this and that's why I came up with video tutorial on "how to make water marble nail tip french manicure design at home". This is very simple and perfect for beginners. 

If you are new to water marble nail art technique so I share some tips with you so that you won't find it difficult.

1. Use room temperature water. ( neither cold nor hot/warm )

2. Don't use thick nail polish. It will not  spread in water.

3. While dropping nail polish on water surface, keep your hands closer to it. If you keep your hand a little high, drops will penetrate to the bottom. 

4. Do every step quickly because nail polishes tends to dry quickly.

These tips, I think, are important for water marble nail art. If you know more, so share with us in comments.

Yeah!! If you still find it difficult then I have also made some tutorials on how to do water marble nails without using water.  That is also no tool nail art design.

Let me know how did you find this design.
If you recreate this design, share with me on my facebook page.

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