Saturday, 19 September 2015

Book that I'm currently reading

Books are always good friend of mine. Every new book teaches something new. I like to read non fiction, inspirational books. I don't read spiritual books regularly but some time I like to read some pages of any such kind of books. I'm not very religious person but I can say I'm very spiritual person. I feel that whatever happens, is the result of your own Krama (Work/Decisions/Thoughts). But these days I'm not focusing on any such kind of book.

Currently I'm reading autobiography of Sophia Amoruso. Oh yeah! It's #GIRLBOSS. Sophia's story is very inspiring for all the people who wants to catch the moon. Her whole journey about how she became a super successful business woman from zero. Her hard work and her passion for success is clearly visible in her writing.

There are mixed reviews of this book on internet. Many people found it just an average book. I have read a few pages of the book. Let's see how interesting I find it.

Have you read it? How did you find it?