Monday, 7 September 2015

Inspirational thoghts #1

This is my first post in Life category of my blog. I started this category as sometime I feel to write some feelings, some thoughts or some motivational notes that doesn't fall in  any category of my blog.

I live at a beach city. Today morning, I went to beach to view sun rise. Unfortunately clouds didn't allow me to see it but the peace and beauty of the morning at that place was incredible. I sat there for a while and wrote down some thoughts those were rendering around my head.

Nature is calm and peaceful yet powerful to answer my questions. I like to visit the places where I can feel nature, I can feel peace and I can feel 'Me'. I get answers for all my questions. There are vibes that come to me and clear all my doubts, give me answers, make me calm and boost me with positive energy.

Give your questions to nature with all your faith and be relaxed and peaceful. Answers will come to your mind itself. It's nature's way to give you answer, to show you a path. It's Law Of Attraction. Just Listen to you heart.

Love & Peace ♡

What you feel when you sit back and see sun rise or sun set?