Saturday, 31 October 2015

Top 10 Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

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Today I am sharing top 10 polka dots designs that I found on internet. The best thing of polka dot designs is they can be made at home without using tools and beginners can make these designs very easily. o if you are  beginner then what are you waiting for? Choose any design and start your nail art. If you don't have dotting tool then don't worry there are a lot of things around you that you can use as dotting tool. Or you may check my post on top 11 household things as dotting tool 

1. Colorful Dotted Flower

2. Dotted bow Nail Art Design

                                                                   Learn How to:

3. Flower Nail Art

4. Black and white Polka dots Nail Art

5. Polka Dots Triagle

6. Mickey mouse Nail Art

Source : Unknown

7. Black Nail Art

Source : Unknown

7. Side french manicure

8. Flower Nail Art

9. Clorful Polka dots nail art

10.  Dotted flower Nail Art

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween Nail Art | Vampire Teeth, Blood Splatter, Blood dripping Nails...

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Halloween Day is a couple of days later. Everyone is busy in preparing for Halloween Party. My last post was a Scary Blood Hand hanging Halloween Decor  and this time I bring a Halloween Nail Art.

I watched a vampire movie and had a very fast feeling to get vampire nails. The very next day I made this nail art. I decided to make its tutorial too for my YouTube. I'm sure you are gonna love this vampire design on your nails. Last year I uploaded 4 Halloween Nail Art design. If you are interested then click here for all the Halloween nails video tutorials. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Ghost decore : DIY that I love #3

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Today I'm sharing a Ghost decor piece for Halloween room decoration. I love this idea. Lights are making it more beautiful. It's perfect for my Halloween room decoration and the best thing is that it's very easy. My previous post was also a Halloween Room Decor - Blood Hand Print Hanging decor.

I think This piece is perfect for Halloween Party decoration. I find this scary. What do you say about this?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Decor Bloody hand prints : DIY that I love #2

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Halloween is coming next month and I'm very excited for this. A lot of DIYs and new food recipes are waiting for us. I love to experiments new things every year. I try many Halloween nail art this whole month. I'm from India and Halooween is not being celebrated here but still I decorate my home with some Halloween DIYs. I love this anyway. This bloody hand is so cool for Halloween decoration and I am surely gonna try it for coming Halloween. How do you find it?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Top 11 household items as dotting tool for Nail Art at home

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When you started doing nail art at home, what was your first design. Yes polka dots designs. Everyone starts with polka dots designs. When I have started, I had no dotting tool with me. I used to do my nail art with some household things using them as dotting tool. So today's post is for all the beginners who are taking their first step in nail art. I am sharing this video in which I'll tell you 11 household things within 2 minutes that you can use as your dotting tool.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

2 ways to use excess Nail Art stickers/nail wraps | 2 Nail Art stickers ...

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This time I am talking about 2 ways to use nail wraps or nail stickers. I was contacted by to make a video using their product and they asked to send their products to me. I was glad to accept their proposal as I am always ready to use new products and tools. I got 2 Nail stickers/ Nail wraps but I didn't want to show how to stick them as these all instructions are already on its packaging.

I thought that it's going to be a great video if I make on how to use excess nail wraps because when we use nail stickers, a very big part of it gets wasted. I thought to use them in designs and I made a video on how can we use these excess nail wraps.