Thursday, 1 October 2015

2 ways to use excess Nail Art stickers/nail wraps | 2 Nail Art stickers ...

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This time I am talking about 2 ways to use nail wraps or nail stickers. I was contacted by to make a video using their product and they asked to send their products to me. I was glad to accept their proposal as I am always ready to use new products and tools. I got 2 Nail stickers/ Nail wraps but I didn't want to show how to stick them as these all instructions are already on its packaging.

I thought that it's going to be a great video if I make on how to use excess nail wraps because when we use nail stickers, a very big part of it gets wasted. I thought to use them in designs and I made a video on how can we use these excess nail wraps.

What do you do with excess nail stickers? Do you throw them? No no!! from now on don't throw them. Use them in making beautiful and easy nail designs and in this video I'll tell you 2 ways to make designs with them. I'm sure you are gonna love this idea because it's gonna save so many nail stickers or nail wraps that you throw as a waste.

1. For the first way to use them is to apply excess ail wrap in half of your nail and apply some nail polish on other half of the nail. You may also apply some small rhinestone on the border or make glitter straight line.

2. Second idea is to make some small designs using these nail wraps. In the video I have made heart design. For the simpler side, you may cut them in small round shapes using punching machine and combine it with other nail polishes and nail wraps.

These are just ideas. Use your creativity and make different designs. If you make design inspired with this idea, share with me on my facebook page.

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