Friday, 2 December 2016

Unlock Your Secret


A thought crossed my mind today while making tea. who... I.... Am? Am I a house maker or a working wife with almost nil earnings. Latter one is neither right nor completely wrong. Yes, It's true that I do work and earn almost nothing So should I consider myself as a working lady? (In fact I never introduced myself as a working wife). I think No. I never consider myself as workingwoman as I never helped my husband in paying bills. But the thing is, I don't consider myself as a housewife either and would never want to be. So Who Am I?

Then a thought enlightened my mind. It's a magical process that when we give time to ourselves gazing the world as it is, without being judgmental, our mind , our heart would start visualizing the answers hidden beyond the horizon. When our mind is filled with worthless thoughts, we are not able to hear our inner voice.

I was sipping tea gazing at a palm tree, visible from a window of my room. Good news is that my voice is alive. Good news is that I got my answer! I'm an "ARTIST" and this is my identity. In fact I always thought of myself as an artist since childhood. I'm happy while dancing, singing, making sketches, handicrafts and many more things. May be I'm not expert at any art. I may be considered as a jack of all trades. But I think I'm good enough to consider myself as an artist.


Last night, I learnt a new thing i.e. how to make your eBooks kindle readable. Prior to this I was upset thinking about my youtube channel. But this new lesson made me cheerful. Whenever I learn new things, I get refreshed and that's a trait of an artist (I think). An artist always gets delighted by learning new things. Monotonous life kills creativity. In 'Veronika decides to die' by Paulo Coelho, he says "the desire to be an artist, something that everyone in the family considered a perfect recipe for ending up a social outcast and dying in poverty." Yes, I totally agree with with this. People think of them crazy for deciding a life in such a way. He/she should be mentally prepare for the struggle, for some months, some years (nobody knows). 
I'm also in the mid of this struggle. But I'm happy what I'm doing because I love it. I'm happy in learning new things whether big or small. When I cook tasty food, makes me happy. When I learn how to make a new category on blog, makes me happy. So why to stop learning? 

It's my secret to be happy. Whenever I feel down, I'll get up and start doing something that I've never done before. I'll never let my inner voice die. I'll never let the artist in me die. 
So if you are an artist or just lost in life, look inside what makes you happy. Unlock your secret.