About Me

Welcome to Style Small World !!!

Hi !! My name is Arushi Thakur and I am from India.
I's doing 9 to 5 job with a decent salary but there was something missing. I was feeling like I'm living two different lives, one that I wanted to do and the other I was doing. I quit my job for my wedding as my husband lives in different city. Instead of joining another 9 to 5 job, I decided to do something that I truly love. And I started this web site. I believe that if I do what I love then it'll lead me to a peaceful life. Now I started doing all the things that make me happy and I share them with the world.
I pour all my emotions, experiences, creativity and everything that matters to me. This small world contains bits and bobs from my life.

Here, In this blog I share DIY crafts, Nail Art designs tutorials, beauty and lifestyle posts. I have a section named My Diary where I share my thoughts and whatever I feel, my present life and anything that matters to or bothers me.

I'm an optimistic person. I always find inspiration from my surroundings.
I love nature and I always feel myself in harmony with it. I get a boost from the positive vibes from it. I feel the beauty of everything.

I want this world to be a peaceful place.

So this is my Small World.
 Lets have some discussions over a sip of coffee !! 
  What say ??